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Oregon Tax Credits

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Take advantage of Oregon Tax Credits(Updated January 29th, 2016) Our green-minded State of Oregon provides a tax credit for purchasing high efficiency wood & pellet stoves. The Residential Energy Tax Credit allows a tax credit in the first year of installation. The credit has a maximum of $1500 or 50% of the stove and outside air venting cost, whichever is less. ...
build a foolproof wood fire

How to Build a Foolproof Wood Fire

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How to Build a Foolproof Wood Fire Have you ever tried to start a wood fire in your fireplace or stove and only had it snuff itself out? Starting a fire can be a tough battle if you are not sure of what you are doing. Everyone eventually discovers a good technique to create a hot, beautiful fire. Stick with …

Finding Seasoned Firewood

Finding Seasoned Firewood?

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Are You Finding Seasoned Firewood? One common misconception about firewood has to do with the term “seasoned”. Seasoned wood typically means firewood has been sitting in a dry place for a minimum of six months usually during the Summer months. One detail some folks do not know is that firewood must be split and stacked in order for it to become seasoned …

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Norwegian’s Love Wood

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It’s not just a song by the Beatles – Norwegian’s love wood If you haven’t heard about Norwegian’s love of wood, now is a good time to learn. The New York Times via the Oslo Journal came up with an interesting article about firewood and the Norwegian way with wood. When it comes to burning wood in your fireplace or …